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Resources for families

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Having a loved one struggle with a mental health or addiction problem can be very difficult and emotionally painful for the entire family and for those close to the person. Whether the person suffering from an addiction and/or mental health problem is in treatment or not, the family and friends need support in many different ways, and can play a crucial role in that person’s recovery. 


Family supports and services can help families:


  • Better understand the illness or the addiction affecting the person
  • Feel better equipped to help the person and cope with the situation
  • Learn about their legal rights and responsibilities
  • Avoid falling into overwhelming feelings of guilt about what is happening to the person
  • Manage financially
  • Learn how to take care of themselves


In this section you will find several links to resources around mental health and addictions that can help to find the answers and assistance families need to make life more manageable.


To access general information on addiction and mental health topics, please visit our Addiction and Mental Health Information page.