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Research at CAMH

Research at CAMH includes four main areas of scientific study: neuroscience; clinical research; social issues, prevention and health policy; and brain research using Positron Emission Tomography at the PET Centre.


The CAMH Library's Collection includes the following French Language journals :


Actualité et dossier en santé publique



Addictions : Magazine de l'Association nationale de prévention en l'alcoologie et addictologie



Alcoologie et addictologie



Interdépendances : vers une société durable






Santé mentale au Québec



In most cases, the links listed above do not provide full text access.  For more information on access to library journals and other resources, search under CAMH library services.


CAMH offers a wide range of publications in French on mental health and addiction issues. Our publications catalogue is available on-line for professionals, researchers, clients and their families.


Les dernières nouvelles de la recherche / Research Update (CrossCurrents, CAMH journal)

CrossCurrents is a unique journal in Canada that explores issues in both addiction and mental health. It informs and educates front-line health professionals, as well as allied professionals, about the latest developments and issues in the addiction and mental health fields through professionally written and first-person stories, research summaries, news and feature articles.

Although CrossCurrents is published only in English, we translate certain articles of CrossCurrents as well as research updates.


CAMH Policy Research Updates

(English only, with some francophone events listed)

A weekly update on international health, public policy and research news, articles and events. Archived editions of the E-Update are also available on this page.


Le Sondage sur la consommation de drogues et la
santé des élèves de l’Ontario (SCDSEO) / Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey (OSDUHS

(English only - summary available in French)

The Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey (OSDUHS) is a population-based survey of Ontario students in grades 7 to 12. The OSDUS began in 1977 and is the longest ongoing school survey in Canada. This self-administered, anonymous survey is conducted across the province every two years with the purpose of identifying epidemiological trends in student drug use, mental health (e.g., depression), physical activity, and risky behaviour (e.g., violence, gambling), as well as identifying risk factors. Typically, the OSDUS surveys about 6,000 students in over 100 elementary and secondary schools across Ontario. The 2007 survey will be the 16th cycle of the study, and its 30th Anniversary.


Enhancing Concurrent Disorders Knowledge in Ontario: A Report of Concurrent Disorders Training (2004)

(English only)

The Training Strategy Project is one of seven projects of the 2003-4 Concurrent Disorders (CD) Knowledge Exchange Plan at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).  The plan aims to improve the application of research-based knowledge on concurrent disorders.


Research relating to Ontario issues 


Ministère de la santé et des soins de longue durée / Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care 

The Ministry's bilingual web site contains information on health care services in Ontario, as well as information on Ministry programs and services. The French Language Health Services office supports and facilitates the delivery of French language health services and compliance with the French Language Services Act in the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and in Ontario's health care system.


Groupe consultatif ministériel de la santé mentale et de la lutte contre les dépendances / Ministry's Advisory Group on Mental Health and Addictions 

participated in discussions leading to the discussion paper, Chaque porte est la bonne porte / Every Door is the Right Door, which was released by the Ministry in July 2009. This report provides a starting point of discussion for Ontario's 10-year mental health and addictions strategy. 




PublicHealthOntario.ca is one of two Public Health Communications Portals (PHCP) created by eHealth Ontario in response to a request from the Public Health Division. PublicHealthOntario.ca is specifically aimed at the information sharing needs of public health staff. It contains public health information and resources and links to Important Health Notices, breaking news and the latest developments in public health.


La communauté francophone en Ontario / The Francophone Community in Ontario

(Office des Affaires Francophones / Office of Francophone Affairs)

This web site offers important information to and about the francophone community in Ontario: reports, statistics, studies, services available in French and much more. The Office provides an extensive list of reports on the health of francophones in Ontario. 


Les femmes francophones en Ontario / Francophone Women in Ontario

(Office des Affaires Francophones / Office of Francophone Affairs)

The Office of Francophone Affairs published a series of statistical profiles on Francophones in Ontario. The Office of Francophone Affairs has decided to publish an update, using data from the 1996 Census. This update provides a statistical overview of Francophone women in Ontario. 


The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

(English only)

This web site provides information about recent reports and trends in general practitioner care.


Deuxième rapport sur la santé des francophones de l'Ontario / Second Report on the Health of Francophones in Ontario

L'Institut franco-ontarien de l'Université Laurentienne and le Programme de recherche, d'éducation et de développement de l'Ontario du Service de santé publique de Sudbury et du district have unveiled this report, which provides an overview of the health of francophones in Ontario and identifies the characteristics which distinguish them from other citizens of Ontario.


Reseau de recherche appliquée sur la santé des francophones de l'Ontario (RRASFO)

RRASFO's mission is to observe, measure, document and evaluate the state of health,  access to health services and the implementation of policies which better meet the needs of minority francophone communities. 


Réseau franco-santé du Sud de l'Ontario

This site contains information about studies, statistics, reports and publications. 


Information is also provided on Canadian and international issues.


More specific information on mental health issues for primary care providers is available.