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Research Updates

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Spring 2012, Vol 15 No 3

People with ADHD fall through the cracks as they enter adult life / Beliefs may be more important than medication in treating depression / Potentially harmful painkiller use found among people on methadone / Brain chemical similar to marijuana could lead to new painkillers / Heavy methamphetamine use linked to schizophrenia risk / Doctors can learn from Shakespeare’s mind–body connection / Social skills deficits from prenatal alcohol exposure persist


Winter 2011-12, Vol 15 No 2 

Group therapy can ease social anxiety / Positive psychology may not help some personalities / Nurse burnout linked to workplace annoyance / Indifference may explain why intoxicated people are mistake-prone / New cannabis use guidelines could reduce health harms / Community treatment orders don’t affect attitude toward recovery / Romantic partner’s friends influence youth drinking habits


Autumn 2011, Vol 15 No 1

Favourable reaction to alcohol may be inherited / Early cannabis use related to neuropsychological deficits / Cognitive problems evident in schizophrenia even when symptoms improve / First-episode psychosis responds well to treatment / Deficits in brain grey matter linked to psychosis risk / Nature aids in treatment of mental health disorders / Tobacco cessation services work for people with mental illness  


Spring 2011, Vol 14 No 3

Moderate drinkers more likely to abuse amphetamines / Caregivers of individuals with schizophrenia face high levels of distress / Physicians conflicted over prescribing antidepressants to pregnant women / Trauma-focused CBT helps children with PTSD / Mood may improve with smoking cessation / Heroin-assisted treatment reduces benzodiazepine use among heroin users / Heavy alcohol use heightens risk of violence


Winter 2010-11, Vol 14 No 2

Conduct disorder linked to ADHD and adult substance use disorders / Alcohol problems increase risk of early death / Cultural differences found in hallucinations that accompany schizophrenia / Depressed medical students more likely to self-stigmatize / Mobile outreach helps sex workers access addiction treatment / Emphasizing neurobiology may not reduce stigma / Supervised injection facilities help drug users quit


Autumn 2010, Vol 14  No 1

Dissociation common among people with substance use disorders / Injectable heroin effective treatment for heroin addiction / High rates of PTSD and depression found among Iraq veterans / Young smokers often unaware of emerging signs of addiction / Near-win situations may encourage problem gamblers to gamble more /Thrill of risky behaviour trumps concern over consequences among adolescents / Telephone therapy may ease depression


Summer 2010, Vol 13 No 4

Past mental health disability episodes increase likelihood of future episodes / Early cannabis use may increase risk of psychosis / Children of psychiatric clients benefit from nurse attention / Youth clinics aid immigrant women concerned about family honour / Discrimination related to sexual orientation increases risk of substance abuse / Pressure keeps substance-using pregnant women in treatment


Spring 2010, Vol 13 No 3

Health and appearance motivate adolescents who don't smoke / Drawing helps older children report emotional experiences / Ketamine harmful to cognition and mental health / Pharmacy-based interventions improve medication adherence / Women and men misuse painkillers for different reasons / Young male binge drinkers expect to be unhappy later in life / Therapeutic alliance improves supportive psychotherapy outcome 


Winter 2009/10, Vol 13 No 2

Risk-taking teens show surprisingly mature brain structure / Heroin maintenance therapy more effective than methadone / Mental health and / or addiction treatment more common among sexual minorities / Motivational interviews improve effectiveness of CBT for anxiety / Collaborative care boosts return to work / People with psychiatric disorders more likely to use psychoactive herbal medication / Suicide risk among older adults related to personality


Autumn 2009, Vol 13 No 1

Social phobia affects interpretation of social cues / Shared vulnerability to opioid abuse and psychiatric disorders / Stigma resistance helps consumers lead fulfilling lives / Low response to alcohol increases risk of alcohol problems / Suicide and self-harm linked to nicotine dependence in girls / Child abuse linked to future revictimization / Poor outcomes found for treatment-resistant depression


Summer 2009, Vol 12 No 4

Early intervention shows promise for first-episode psychosis / Case managers struggle with client disengagement / Adjustment disorders common among refugees / Methadone use increase babies’ risk of withdrawal / “Wet” housing reduces health costs for people with alcohol problems / Integrated treatment for substance use and depression effective / Drugs often involved in sexual assault 


Spring 2009, Vol 12 No 3

Smoking and ADHD subtypes / bereavement's close link to depression / integrated treatment for concurrent disorders / binge drinking and cardiovascular disease / happiness linked to others' happiness / nurse role in improving inpatients' quality of life / inherited risk for PTSD, anxiety and depression

Spring 2006, Vol 9 No 3

Personality linked to suicidal behaviour / Heritability of depression among women / Genetics and drug relapse / Substance abuse and first-episode psychosis / Parental alcohol dependency puts children at risk / Black, white teens differ on nicotine metabolism / Pre-divorce turmoil hurts children


Winter 2005-06, Vol 9 No 2

Risk factors for treatment-resistant depression / Eating disorders and anxiety / Brain region linked to addiction / Early treatment for schizophrenia / ADHD predicts future smoking / Childhood stress and memory impairment / Family alcohol dependence


Autumn 2005, Vol 9 No 1

Pain medication and youth / Medication compliance linked to good therapeutic relationship / Friendship may prolong life / Stigma and violence / Anti psychotic drugs show quick effect / Alcohol in pregnancy ups infant infection risk / Internet linked with psychiatric disorders / Gambling and substance use share personality traits


Summer 2005, Vol 8 No 4

Brain recovery after methamphetamine use / smoking withdrawal and nicotine / children of working mothers / predicting the therapeutic alliance / breathing disorders linked with anxiety and depression / friends and family as mental health supports / college student drinking and driving / seniors' physical health related to depression


Spring 2005, Vol 8 No 3

Overweight children and mental health / Brains of gamblers provide addiction clues / Second-hand smoke and IQ / Psychiatric diagnosis facilitates AIDS treatment / Pediatric clients get poor follow-up for ADHD / Multigenerational depression / Seizure drug for bipolar disorder and alcohol dependency / Brain linked to gender differences in eating disorders


Winter 2004-05, Vol 8 No 2

Amygdala plays role in unlearning fears / Gene linked to depression, alcohol dependence / Maternal conditions affect child's later suicide risk / Needle exchange users take fewer HIV risks / Early puberty linked to substance abuse / Therapy vs. medication for social anxiety / Emergency room intervention may reduce alcohol use


Autumn 2004, Vol 8 No 1

Healthy environments benefit cocaine-exposed children / Mental illness under-treated globally / Food additives linked to ADHD / Collaboration among alternative and conventional medicine providers / Moderate alcohol use after heart attack / Concurrent disorders among needle exchange program users / PTSD common after orthopaedic trauma


Summer 2004, Vol 7 No 4

Sleep problems and drug use / Drinking linked to smoking / Autism gene found / Primary care reduces suicidal ideation / Smoking accelerates mental decline / Early parental support affects adult health / Cognitive-behavioural therapy for hypochondriasis


Spring 2004, Vol 7 No 3

Drinking linked to brain atrophy / Link found between maternal smoking and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder / Road rage related to psychiatric distress / Alcohol intoxication gene found in worms / Psychiatric disorders in detained youth / Asthma and psychiatric disorders / Neuroticism as risk factor for Alzheimer's disease


Winter 2003-04, Vol 7 No 2

School-based therapy for PTSD / ADHD increases risk of substance abuse / Heroin and methadone for opiate addiction / Homeless older adults' mental health needs / Alcohol linked to fatal accidents / Humiliation and loss related to depression / Panic and smoking