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Promotion de la santé / Health Promotion (CAMH) 

This CAMH link will connect you with information, tools and guides around health promotion in different areas: health promotion resources, clinical health promotion, community health promotion, workplace health promotion.


CAMH Resources


Au-delà des étiquettes (PDF)

An educational kit to promote awareness and understanding of the impact of stigma on people living with concurrent mental health and substance use problems.


Seul-e au Canada: ou vingt et une façons d’améliorer son sort – Guide individuel pour les personnes qui arrivent seules

A self-help guide designed to help single new immigrants and refugees adjust to living in a new society as quickly and easily as possible.


Parlons de la maladie mentale : Guide d’élaboration d’un programme de sensibilisation à l’intention des jeunes (PDF)

An awareness program proven to be effective in bringing about positive change in young people's knowledge about mental illness, and in reducing stigma that surrounds mental illness.


C’est l’affaire de tous: Guide pratique de mise sur pied d’un service communautaire de gestion du sevrage

Learn where to order this guide - a practical tool to help you implement or develop a cost-effective withdrawal management service tailored to the needs, resources and services in your community—regardless of your location.


Vole de tes propres ailes ! Comment appuyer les jeunes dans la création de leurs propres solutions

Learn where to order this guide - a book that chronicles the story of the Street-Involved Youth Harm Reduction Project (SIYHRP), which brought together a diverse group of people interested in education, action and social change.


En avant toute ! Guide pratique de mobilisation de votre groupe communautaire

Learn where to order this guide that gives your group the necessary skills to move forward to action. Full of creative exercises and activities, this manual encourages all group members to participate.



Resources from other Agencies


Trousse d'outils pour la promotion de la santé mentale / Mental Health Promotion Tool Kit (Association canadienne pour la santé mentale / Canadian Mental Health Association)

The Mental Health Promotion Tool Kit was produced in 1999 by the Canadian Mental Health Association, National Office. Funded by the Population Health Fund of Health Canada and written by Catherine Willinsky, the kit is a comprehensive guide for communities that wish to undertake mental health promotion initiatives. It contains everything anyone would need to know about implementing a mental health promotion program, including examples, strategies, tips and tools.


The Evidence of Mental Health Promotion Effectiveness: Strategies for Action

Published in the the International Journal of Health Promotion & Education, is an official publication of the International Union for Health Promotion & Education (IUHPE). English, French, Spanish. 2005


Ontario Health Promotion E-Bulletin

This weekly newsletter for people interested in health promotion is produced by the Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse and The Health Communication Unit

(English only)


THC evaluation resources - The Health Communication Unit – Centre for Health Promotion, University of Toronto

(Web site in English only)

Includes several guides and resources (some of which are bilingual)


Guides : outils promotionnels pour les partenaires /Guide promotion Tools for Partners (Agence de santé publique du Canada / Public Health Agency of Canada)

A wide range of information, tools and resources to help endorsing organizations and other interested partners use and promote Canada's Physical Activity Guides for Children and Youth, as well as their support resources.


La pratique éclairée par des données probantes / Towards Evidence-Informed Practice

Towards Evidence-Informed Practice (TEIP) a program of the Ontario Public Health Association, offers a set of three capacity-building tools which fulfill many of the Foundational Standard requirements for Program Evaluation, Evidence Informed Decision Making and Knowledge Exchange.  


Vers une meilleure compréhension des femmes pour qui le jeu est un problème : Information pour les professionnels qui travaillent auprès des femmes / Towards a Better Understanding of Women Who Problem Gamble: Information for Professionals Who Work With Women

This brief guide highlights some of the issues and risk factors for women around gambling.