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Telemedicine / Telepsychiatry

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 Le Forum canadien de la télésanté (FCT)  / Canadian Telehealth Forum (CTF)

(English only)

The CTF Forum (formerly the Canadian Society of Telehealth – Société canadienne de la télésanté ) brings together the many key stakeholders involved and interested in furthering the development and implementation of telehealth practices.  It acts as a major resource for information and knowledge sharing, contributes to telehealth policy and standards development, and is the Canadian voice for telehealth both nationally and internationally.

Phone: 416-494-9324
Toll free: 1-888-253-8554
Fax: 416-495-8723
Email: info@coachorg.com



Le programme francophone d'extension en psychiatrie du Nord de l'Ontario / Northern Ontario Francophone Psychiatric Outreach Program

The Northern Ontario Francophone Psychiatric Outreach Program strives to provide the highest quality francophone psychiatric services to the clients, consumers and personnel of Northern Ontario Community Mental Health programs or other MOH agencies having identified the need for such a service.


Dr.  Fernande Grondin
Phone: 613-715-5829
Fax: 613-715-5839
Email: fgrondin@uottawa.ca


Dr. Brad Booth
Phone: 613-737-8955
Fax: 613-739-9980
E-mail: lbertrand@ottawahospital.on.ca



Ontario Telemedecine Network (OTN)

CareConnect, VideoCare and NORTH Network merged in 2007 to form the Ontario Telemedicine Network (www.otn.ca).

The Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) is one of the largest telemedicine networks in the world. Using two-way videoconferencing, OTN provides access to care for patients in every hospital and hundreds of other health care locations across the province. In addition to clinical care, OTN facilitates the delivery of distance education and meetings for health care professionals and patients.

More than 3,000 health care professionals in more than 1000 sites across the province use OTN to deliver care to their patients.

An independent, not-for-profit organization, OTN is funded by the Government of Ontario.

Phone: 416-446-4110
1-866-454-OTN1 (6861)
Fax: 416-446-4139
Email: information@otn.ca



Providence Continuing Care Centre - Telepsychiatry

(French/English – Website in English Only)

The Telepsychiatry Service allows clients in rural areas to 'see' a Kingston-based psychiatrist without anyone having to travel long distances. Using the most advanced videoconferencing systems, the service dramatically extends the reach of psychiatrists at Providence Continuing Care Centre (PCCC) Mental Health Services and Hotel Dieu Hospital to people throughout Southeastern Ontario. These specialty clinicians care for people of all ages, offering child and adolescent to acute and chronic adult psychiatry. Access to the service is through clinician referral.

For more information or to schedule a videoconference please contact :

Eddy Lloyd, RN
Phone:  613-546-1101, ext 5707
Email: lloyde@providencecare.ca




Telehealth and Telepsychiatry Programs at Sick Kids

(English/Some French/Interpreting Services - Website in English only)

For decades, The Hospital for Sick Children has cared for children not just from Toronto, but from across the country and around the world. Now, thanks to live two-way videoconferencing, more and more patients who are hundreds of kilometres away are being examined by SickKids experts without patients nor physicians having to leave their communities.

For more information on the SickKids Telehealth Program, please call: 416-813-8808.



Telepsychiatry Outreach Program Toronto

(Several programs across province – Website in English)

The University of Toronto Psychiatric Outreach Program is funded by the North Region Health Care Program Division of the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care to provide psychiatric services and education for those communities which are rural, remote, or are considered underserviced in terms of mental health.

Email: psychnet.uwo.ca



The Ontario Psychiatric Outreach Programs (OPOP)

(Website in English only)

The Ontario Psychiatric Outreach Programs (OPOP) web site provides information on the collaboration between Departments of Psychiatry at Ontario medical sciences centres and northern Ontario communities. Collaborative efforts include fly-in psychiatric services, continuing medical education programs and academic affiliations between medical schools and psychiatrists practicing in the North. The Extended Campus Program at the University of Western Ontario (UWO) developed this web site as an Information Clearing House on behalf of all participants to reflect these activities in a coordinated fashion, and respectively, to ensure easy communications, coordinated collaboration, and more adequate support for northern communities. Our Web site has been developed to host web pages on behalf of any interested Ontario’s programs that support or provide mental health services to the North.

Dr Sandra Fisman
Phone: 519-455-5110, ext 47225
Fax: 519-661-3141



Télépsychiatrie - Services de santé Royal Ottawa / Telepsychiatry – Royal Ottawa Health Care Group

(French/English services – French web site under construction)

The Royal Ottawa Health Care Group has been an innovator in the development of telepsychiatry and telemental health services and distance education through televideo. The ROHCG began offering services in 2002 as a partner with Project Outreach, an initiative supported by Health Canada's Canadian Health Inforstructure Partnership Program (CHIPP). The telehealth pilot project phase is complete, and the ROHCG and University of Ottawa's Northern Ontario Francophone Psychiatry Program were applauded by Health Canada for their accomplishments. The Royal Ottawa Health Care Group is a member of the Ontario Telehealth Network serving clients in Eastern and Northern Ontario, working closely in partnerships with Champlain and Southeast Ontario districts.


For information on accessing clinical services, education opportunities, or any other telehealth or videoconference services contact Peter Youell

Phone:  613-722-6521, ext. 6302