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Addictions related


Le traitement des problèmes d'usage d'alcool et de drogues en Ontario: Un guide pour les personnes qui recherchent de l'aide

This brochure can help clients make choices about treatment options in Ontario.  It answers some common questions about services, such as cost, types and lengths of treatment, and services for people with special needs.



Traitement des problèmes liés à l’usage d’alcool et de drogues en Ontario: Guide pour les professionnels aidants

This booklet is designed to help health and social service providers who are not substance use specialists get clients started on the road to treatment. The guide summarizes the options available in Ontario’s treatment system, including assessment and referral services and self-help groups.



A guide to Addiction Information and Referral for settlement Professionals


Often, settlement counsellors are the first service providers to encounter newcomers as they establish a new life in Canada. As a result, these counsellors face a unique combination of issues, including problems associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs. This guide is a quick reference that gives an introduction to basic addiction issues and the current treatment system. The guide will help settlement counsellors to recognize substance use problems, and to work with clients confidently and effectively by supplying useful information and referrals. Most information in the guide is specific to Ontario.



Directory of Substance Abuse & Injury Prevention

(English only) 

The Directory of Substance Abuse and Injury Prevention Contacts is published annually in print and electronic [PDF] format. Over 75 copies have been distributed free of charge to key groups in Ontario. A limited number are available for purchase for $15 CDN (including postage and handling).


The 2006 edition contains:


Up-to-date information on the people, programs and resources in injury and substance abuse prevention in public health units across Ontario (Section 2).


Contact information for over 200 community groups, government agencies and departments with events, products and services related to your work (Section 3.1).


A comprehensive guide to online statistics, a list of commonly-used acronyms, summaries of key government and policy documents, and list of suggested readings for Newbies to the substance abuse/injury prevention field (Section 4).