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Ontario Food Banks

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Ontario Association of Food Banks

(website in English only)

The Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB) is a cooperative alliance of over 100 food banks across the province.  They are the major beneficiaries of the services that we provide, including distribution, as well as operational, development, and management support.  In turn, we also provide support to those that they serve through public education and ensuring safe, high quality and ethical practices in member food banks. We have members all across the province.  Visit the listing of our current members


5 Adrian Avenue, Suite 118
Toronto, ON
M6N 5G4


Tel. 416.656.4100

Fax. 416.656.4104

Toll Free: 1.866.220.4022


Note: There are additional food banks that do not figure in the OAFB list provided above.  For other additional listings in your area, either contact your local community information or the food bank listed in the OAFB list that is located in/or around your community.