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Crisis Lines in Ontario

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Le Centre des Femmes Francophones du Nord-Ouest de l'Ontario

The goal of the Centre des Femmes Francophones du Nord-Ouest de l'Ontario (Francophone Women’s Centre for Northwestern Ontario) is to help groups consult with each other and to coordinate community actions for the well-being of Francophone women across the region. The Centre’s mandate is: to identify these women’s needs in terms of economic development and response to violence; deliver violence prevention and sexual assault prevention programs in Thunder Bay and region; maintain a regional toll-free crisis line; promote the development of French-language services for women; bridge the information, support and services gap; and support women’s demands.


Thunder Bay: 807-684-1956

Marathon: 807-229-0994

Geraldton: 807-854-9001

Toll free: 1-877-FEMAIDE, 1-877-336-2433



Distress Centres Ontario


Distress Centres Ontario is a provincial network that facilitates, promotes and works to build the capacity of community based agencies engaged in activities related to suicide prevention and improving the quality of life for Ontarians experiencing mental health problems. Provides a list of all distress centres in Ontario offering services in French and English, information on events, newsletters, research.



Distress Centres of Toronto

The mission of the Distress Centres of Toronto is to provide emotional support, crisis intervention and suicide prevention to those who request our services. We do this by:

  • providing a confidential service available 24 hours a day to persons in distress;
  • ensuring all residents of our rapidly changing, culturally diverse city are aware of our services;
  • providing suicide postvention and emotional support to people dealing with the effects of suicide;
  • providing bereavement counselling to people dealing with the effects of homicide;
  • developing new programs as needed;
  • collaborating with and assisting the growth of complementary organizations;
  • providing consultation, education and training to develop a deeper understanding within the community of the issues faced by our clients.


Tel: (416) 408-4357

Survivor Support Program (416) 595-1716



Oasis Centre des Femmes

Francophone women 16 years and over who are victims or survivors of any form of violence or who are in distress. Regional crisis line service administered by Oasis Centre des femmes, provided jointly with Francophone Community Health Centre of Hamilton/Niagara, Women's Resources of Simcoe County (Rosewood Shelter) and Council of Francophone organizations for the Region of Durham.


Toll-free:  1-877-femaide (336-2433)

TTY:  1-866-860-7082



FEMAIDE : La ligne de soutien

FEMAIDE is a provincial crisis line for the francophone women who have experienced violence in their lives such as sexual, or any other type of violence (physical, economical, psychological, emotional, verbal, etc.).  It is a FREE 24-hours services and 7 days a week, a non-judgmental, anonymous and confidential services.  When a woman calls, she will be warmly greeted by a professional francophone woman or a survivor woman, who will help warmly her situation and in her native language.  Women can call from anywhere in Ontario for support and/or referrals to an appropriate community services for their local area.

Toll Free: 1-877-336-2433

TTY only: 1-866-860-7082

For more information or to order posters and pamphlets, please contact Rose-Marie Nguyen, FEMAIDE, Liaison Agent, for the Southwestern region at agente.sud@femaide.ca


Gerstein Crisis Centre

The Gerstein Centre provides crisis intervention to adults, living in the City of Toronto, who experience mental health problems. The Centre provides supportive counselling for immediate, crisis issues and referrals to other services for on-going, non-crisis issues. Our service is a community mental health service and is non-medical. Crisis calls of a medical nature (psychiatric assessment, severe self-harm or suicide attempts) are referred to a hospital.


The service has three aspects, telephone support, community visits and a ten-bed, short-stay residence. All three aspects of the service are accessed through the crisis line. It is preferred that anyone wishing to use the Centre's service call the crisis line personally. A referral line is available for workers who would like to make a second party referral.


All services are provided free of charge to the service user. The Centre is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Mental Health Programs and Services Group.


Crisis Line: (416) 929-5200

Admin Line: (416) 929-0149

Referrals Only: (416) 929-9897



Jeunesse J’écoute

Provides immediate help and hope that young people need and deserve - 24 hours a day. Every day, Kids Help Phone counsellors answer calls and online questions from across Canada. No matter what the problem or concern, our counsellors are there to provide immediate and caring support, information and, if necessary, referral to a local community or social service agency.


Tel: 1-800-668-6868



Ottawa (and Region) Mental Health Crisis Line

(Simultaneous interpretation in French and many other languages)

Provides confidential support to individuals in need. Ensures that support is always available, by sustaining as its core service a 24hour telephone Distress Line, every day of the year.


Recognizes and values the vital role played by trained volunteers in providing the services of the Centre and actively supports them in their work.


Builds the local community through increasing knowledge and understanding of issues of crisis and suicide, sharing of expertise and the provision of training and information. 


Tel: (613) 722-6914 / 1-866-996-0991



Tel-Aide Outaouias


A telephone service in French for all the people in the Outaouais and Ottawa region needing support and referral.


Tel: Ottawa – Gatineau 613-741-6433

Outaouais/Rural Quebec/Québec Rural - 1-800-567-9699